Why Nothing Happened in September 2015

Some Thoughts on Why Nothing Happened in September 2015!
It is clear that a multitude of church people across the world were watching to see if anything would unfold on September 13th of this year… Elul 29! In fact, the anticipation was the greatest I had personally ever seen relating to such a matter. But after much anticipation the date finally passed leaving no grand event in its wake. This has raised a number of questions in the minds of church people with the most common one being why nothing significant happened on that date or during the entire month of September. Their puzzlement is especially poignant since the years 1994, 2001, and 2008 seemed to experience events that appeared to lineup with the seven year Shemitah cycle. For your consideration I would like to share with you why I believe nothing significant happened this time.
The answer rests in the fact that it is difficult to correlate the sins of a nation to any specific act of God unless that sin is an action directed against the land of Israel. In actuality the much touted Shemitah events of 1994, 2001, and 2008 were intimately related to actions against the land of Israel and not the greed and sins of America as was widely presented. This is why nothing notable happened this past Elul 29 (or September) because the last three Shemitah events (1994, 2001, and 2008) were driven by the U.S. government’s actions against Israel. Consider the evidence to support this conclusion by the following facts as recorded within The Israel Omen.
• On January 16, 1994 President Clinton met with Syrian leader Assad in which he agreed to pressure Israel into giving Syria the Golan Heights. It was specifically from that week forward that the “Great Bond Market Massacre” began unfolding. (Bond market connection discovered recently)
• It was the week of September 10, 2001 that the Bush Administration was set to announce its new policy against the Promised Land of Israel by taking a step no previous administration had ever been willing to take. The Bush Administration decided to come out that week in support of creating a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel. On September 11, 2001 America was attacked.
• On the week of July 23, 2007 the point man for the international group called the Quartet launched the “land of Israel for peace” effort that resulted in the Annapolis Conference. It is that same week that the Global Financial Meltdown literally began with overnight lending rates between banks beginning its historical march to levels that should happen only 1 day out of every 2,482,000 days.
The entire Shemitah concept tends to make America a prophetic focal point by indicating its sins are bringing a financial reset in the form of financial disasters every seven years with some of them impacting the entire world. However, Bible prophecy does not revolve around America, it revolves around Israel.
If people were expecting God to speak this September, He actually did and in a loud and clear voice but not in the way they expected. He let us know that the Shemitah concept is not a driving spiritual force. This is because it was centered on America instead of Israel. Consider the contrast in predictive results between the Shemitah which is America-centric vs. The Israel Omen which is Israel-centric. Within The Israel Omen readers were alerted to look for two specific future actions that if directed against the Promised Land of Israel should result in a Divine cataclysm. That prediction is found on page 171.
1. Page 171 PREDICTION: An “effort [that] should break new ground” [against the Promised land]
FUTURE ACTION: Freeze on issuing Jerusalem building permits
RESULT: BP Oil Rig Disaster began within a day.
2. Page 171 PREDICTION: “A major shift in U.S. policy against Israel.”
FUTURE ACTION: Obama’s policy to return Israel to the 1967 borders
RESULT: Worst tornado rampage in U.S. history began within a day.
(It was speculated on that the international group the Quartet might be involved although both warnings were fulfilled without their involvement)
The reason why those two predictions unfolded with such precision is because their foundation was Israel-centric. This is the same reason why it was actions against Israel that preceded the financial events in 1994, 2001, and 2008 and was the ultimate cause of them. It is the same reason why nothing happened on September 13, 2015 because no action against the land of Israel took place this time. It is important to note that the correlation of calamity vs. efforts against the land of Israel also occurred in the years before and after the last 3 Shemitah’s: 1991, 1992, 1993, 2001, 2001, 2003, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2011 with most occurring within 24 hours of the ungodly effort. It was in 1991 that U.S. efforts against the land began.
Consider The Harbinger connection. The delivery of that Biblical warning was undeniable with each detail provided by Isaiah unfolding relative to the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the reason given for the Divine warning missed the mark. It was a Divine warning against the dramatic and historical shift in U.S. policy against Israel. The new policy supported a permanent removal of land by creating a Palestinian state within the heart of the Jewish state. That action against the Promised Land hit an especially sensitive Biblical nerve due to an array of prophetic Scriptures relating to the future fulfillment of that ungodly goal. So from a prophetic Scriptural perspective the real warning associated with Isaiah-9/11 was much more ominous than the assertion that it was the result of the growing sin of America.
The concern with all of the attention paid to both The Harbinger and Shemitah concepts is multifold. Because so many church people were expecting something big associated with them, some are experiencing various faith questions now. Additionally and also quite troubling is that because of the magnitude of publicity associated with these concepts it has misdirected the church’s prophetic attention from Israel shifting it to America at a time when it should clearly be focused on Israel. This is especially significant since events relating to the establishment of a Palestinian state at the United Nations may be entering a new and terminal prophetic stage.
In Christ, David Brennan

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The Israel Omen Books – Video

Announcing “The Israel Omen II”

The Israel Omen II was published in September 2011.

From the back cover…

“A volcano erupts in Iceland, its primordial smoke and ash blanket Europe, resulting in the worst air travel grounding since the outbreak of World War II. On an oil rig far out in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion marks the start of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, devastating the seafood and oil industries across the Gulf Coast. A rash of tornadoes, thought to be the worst in world history, strike over a four-day period leaving widespread destruction in their wake. Were these terrible events nothing more than random acts of God? Picking up where The Israel Omen left off, The Israel Omen II looks at the continuing saga of disasters coinciding with efforts to remove the fabled Biblical “Promised Land” from Israel. But it also goes beyond to consider what they all may be leading to.

Does the continuation of these strange, even eerie events since 1991, represent a litany of Divine warnings that have been repeating like a broken record to gain the attention of mankind? The Israel Omen II explores the possibility that a truly world shaking cataclysm is approaching, and that the strange, and historically severe disasters that continue to coincide with diplomatic efforts against the Promised Land may represent a growing Biblical warning to mankind.

With the sharp turn in U.S. policy against Israel under President Obama, is the stage now set for the culmination of these warnings?”