David Brennan

Why Nothing Happened in September 2015

Some Thoughts on Why Nothing Happened in September 2015!
It is clear that a multitude of church people across the world were watching to see if anything would unfold on September 13th of this year… Elul 29! In fact, the anticipation was the greatest I had personally ever seen relating to such a [...]

The Bulls of Basham…Israel Surrounded Parts 1-3

The Bulls of Basham….Israel Surrounded
(Part 1 of 3)
Strange Times
As the crowd of mourners stared at the large stone carefully placed to cover the opening to the cave, their collective emotion of grief now began to mix with confusion. Soon that state of mind would morph into one of stunned amazement. They remembered their friend Lazarus’ [...]

The Israel Omen Books – Video

Announcing “The Israel Omen II”

The Israel Omen II was published in September 2011.
From the back cover…
“A volcano erupts in Iceland, its primordial smoke and ash blanket Europe, resulting in the worst air travel grounding since the outbreak of World War II. On an oil rig far out in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion marks the start of the [...]