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The Coming Mideast War and Peace Treaty

An asteroid crashes through the Russian sky, the likes of which no one alive can remember seeing, and the world spectacle leaves a trail of smoke and injuries in its wake. A comet named ISON, touted by some as the brightest ever, arrives in the same year, a year referred to by space publications as “The Year of the Comets.” But that would be only the beginning of heavenly wonders. NASA computer models confirmed a rare “tetrad” of blood moons is prepared to fly its heavenly banner in 2014 and 2015, and along with it the sun will darken as well. But back on Earth another spectacle is unfolding.

Through the most unlikely series of events, Barack Obama was catapulted from the Illinois state senate into the White House in just four years, causing some to call him the luckiest politician alive. But was his rise to power only luck? The Israelis would ponder that question as his first term came to an end, suddenly finding themselves almost completely surrounded again by their enemies. And at the U. N., where the Jews are hopelessly outnumbered, efforts to create a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel are leaping forward, even as the Israeli leader finally draws a red line against Iran and its nuclear bomb program.

With profound geopolitical shifts unfolding in the Mideast since the rise of Obama, a particular interpretation of Matthew 24:6 is causing an array of prophetic Scripture to come to life, fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle. And their harmony with current events portends a coming sequence of world-shaking events on the horizon: Mideast war, a grand peace treaty in Palestine, and then a great war among nations.

The Israel Omen & The Israel Omen II

Something very strange has been taking place in the world. It has gone largely unnoticed because the events in question have been separated, in some cases, by years. It began in 1991 and continues to this day.

Since 1991, the timing of a number of catastrophic events closely mirrors the timing of actions taken that would be considered negative against the “Promised Land” of Israel.

These events are well documented. Since 1991, there have been thirteen documented catastrophes that have occurred with timing that has coincided with efforts to remove the “Promised Land” from Israel. The first ten are covered in The Israel Omen. Long ago, the ancient Hebrew Scriptures warned of cataclysms that would result from these actions against Israel.

But, there is more. Straight from the pages of these ancient Hebrew Scriptures and into today’s headlines is an international group which was described in detail over 2500 years ago. It now appears that the actions of this group may impact the world in a way never before imagined.

The Israel Omen and The Israel Omen II explore the connections between the prophecies of the past and the events of today. The Israel Omen was published in 2009. Since then three additional catastrophes have occurred with timing eerily coincidental with efforts to remove the “Promised Land” from Israel. The Israel Omen II was published in late 2011 and makes the case that these coincidental catastrophes may, in fact, be a consistent warning from the Divine to mankind.

Read the books and you may never see news about the Middle East or catastrophes in the same light again.

About the Author

Born and raised in New Orleans, David Brennan attended the University of New Orleans where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Since 1992 he has studied Bible prophecy as it is related to current international political issues.