The Bulls of Basham…Israel Surrounded Parts 1-3

The Bulls of Basham….Israel Surrounded
(Part 1 of 3)

Strange Times
As the crowd of mourners stared at the large stone carefully placed to cover the opening to the cave, their collective emotion of grief now began to mix with confusion. Soon that state of mind would morph into one of stunned amazement. They remembered their friend Lazarus’ sudden illness and the speed with which he had passed away. However, today the man called Jesus had arrived at the home of the grieving family. With sadness marking his face it was clear to all the emotion he felt toward the dearly departed. And no doubt many had already heard about this Jesus. Indeed, it was almost impossible not to have heard about him.

He had been walking the countryside for a length of time accompanied by His followers, preaching a noble unction to the multitudes that was gaining increasing attention. Reports of miracles taking place at almost all of his gatherings were now so prevalent as to be common knowledge in the region. But on this day his journey took Him to the home of Mary and Martha, the surviving sisters of Lazarus. And at Jesus’ request the party of grievers found themselves back at the tomb again. Now this man of miracles made another request that stirred confusion in all present. He asked that the large stone be moved aside from the tomb, exposing the rotting corpse within.
Most likely, two thoughts coursed through the minds of those present on that day long ago. The first was voiced by one of Lazarus’ sisters who pointed out that the body “has been there four days.” And there is little doubt with that knowledge came the attendant understanding of what their collective sense of smell was about to experience. And this, certainly, had to cause many to question the strange request. But others present must have experienced a sense that disrespect was being shown to their departed friend. It was, after all, a brutal request.
It is, however, apparent that Jesus’ powerful reputation won the day, and with it the incredibly strange request to disturb the peace of the dead was granted. And then, in a moment that had to make many cringe, to the one within the cave who could no longer hear, Jesus spoke, “Lazarus, come out!”
And he did.
Any present that had questioned the reports of miracles coming in from the countryside no longer had such doubts to deal with. Instead, now they had to face the challenge of twisting their minds around what they had just seen. And it probably wasn’t easy. But for whatever reason, it was given to those present to live within a time marked by grand miracles. That period of time also happened to mark the most profound of Bible times; the much awaited coming of the messiah. The litany of miracles included not only the dead coming back to life, but the blind seeing, the lame being healed, and such an array of other events as to cause the mind to go on tilt. In that day those that studied the ancient writings for a similar time would find it necessary to reach deep into the past to find one that even remotely compared.
Such a time would be recorded in the old texts of the Jewish Torah, and focus on the strange and unusual events that unfolded in Egypt many years earlier. It was the time that the Jews were held captive there. Such strange occurrences included the sky darkening and the river turning to blood, among other things. And along with those events another significant Biblical time unfolded; it was the beginning of the nation of Israel.
And so it was that after the time of Jesus and this Lazarus had passed, so too did the time of grand miracles, with the world returning to “normal” again. With the passing of many centuries so too would pass many people’s belief that such things had ever really happened. But there is an observation that needs to be made about strange times.
With much banter all about these days that the “times” warned of in the Bible have finally arrived, surely, for it all to be true strange events must be taking place here too. Certainly, a Biblical event of such a magnitude would rival indeed, surpass, the events that took place in Egypt so long ago. Like the time when Lazarus greatly benefited from the human voice of Jesus, the beginning of the time of His return to Earth should be no less unique.
Our Times
The prophecies indicating that the nation of Israel would reform again were thought by many to be allegorical or symbolic and not a literal prophecy to be looked for by the followers of Jesus. In line with that reasoning, many made elaborate attempts to explain it into that which was more reasonable and acceptable. After all, it had been about 2,000 years since Israel had existed as a nation. The chance of such a dispersed people coming back together to form a country in the land of their ancestors was considered, by many, as too farfetched to be literal. Then in the year 1948, after almost two millennia of being scattered, it happened, and in the most unlikely way.
It is one thing for a people to begin a process of knitting themselves together again over the course of years, collectively and methodically gathering the means to accomplish the great task of forming a new nation. But it is another thing when about half of them had just been killed by a mad man, and only a few years earlier.
With the reconstituted state of Israel back after a two thousand year hiatus, along with it arrived the possibility that the much anticipated “times” could possibly be at hand. Since its unfolding other old prophecy appears to be as well. With the Jews retaking Jerusalem in 1967, that city has become the growing “cup of trembling” prophesized in the ancient Scriptures it was destined to become for the entire world. It is, indeed, the focal point of world conflict with the Palestinians just recently declaring it their eternal capital. Unlike other times where they made such boisterous statements, however, this one comes on the heels of the U. N. having increased their status in the world body. As the Palestinian effort toward nationhood in the land Biblically promised to the Jews progresses, it comes at a time when uncanny events portend a dire warning to the United States.
It is strange thing that the prophecies concerning the “times” are so quiet concerning a nation as powerful as the United States. And considering that America is the great protector of Israel, it is a significant thing. For when the “times” appear we know from the ancient Scriptures that Israel will face the world alone. Although the world is increasingly turning against the Jews, the U.S. is currently a great big fly in that ointment of prophecy.
The juxtaposition of America’s power verses the prophetic silence about America is one that must be dealt with if the “times” are, indeed, upon us. It is as though a lion lost its roar, teeth and claws, remaining only a shadow of its former self. To go from super power to super impotent is also an event of great significance in the world. As the only nation, in addition to Israel, begun on a Biblical foundation, such an occurrence is Biblically significant. And considering that America is responsible for having spread the Gospel to many corners of the Earth, there is, no doubt, a certain relationship between it and the Lord. As such one would think an array of warnings would be seen prior to a great take down. And it appears that, perhaps, several have been appearing over the last several years.

The Bulls of Basham….Israel Surrounded
(Part 2 of 3)

For a brief moment when one reads a certain Scripture in 1 Thessalonians there appears a strange juxtaposition of words. It is in chapter 5 where the reader is exhorted that…
… the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!’ then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.
It is stressed that some terrible event will occur suddenly, taking people by surprise like a thief does to those he targets. But then, immediately after such a dire warning is issued, the reader is told to “watch and be sober” so that this day should not “overtake you as a thief.” It becomes clear that although the event will be a great surprise for many, those that “watch and [are] sober” do not have to share in the shock. Like a thief leaving a trail of clues that his arrival is imminent, this great event appears to do the same. And since it is compared to “labor pains upon a woman,” it seems to arrive only after a series of lesser events have occurred, representing clues of its approach.
Such a trail of clues may have appeared in recent years, allowing those that “watch and [are] sober” to gain a sense that the “thief” is, perhaps, approaching. One such warning comes from an obscure Scripture in Isaiah 9:8-12. Since the sudden events of September 11, 2001 this Scripture, has come to life. In his book “The Harbinger,” Jonathan Cahn explores the eerie litany of Biblical warnings that appear to have sprung forth from that horrific September day. The Scripture provides the reader with a litany of detailed warnings given to Israel many years ago, at a point in time in which they had moved far away from God. The warning came in the form of an incursion against their nation by an enemy. It wasn’t a full scale invasion, just a destructive localized event. But its success was meant to shock them back to their God. However, they missed the Divine warning and continued on their previous ungodly course. Then, since they did not turn back to God, something vastly worse happened. But this time the warning is not directed toward modern Israel, but to the only other nation dedicated to God at its founding, America.
In the case of the Isaiah 9 warnings, fulfilled in detail on 9/11 and its aftermath, there is an eeriness associated with it that grows as it unfolds. There are nine “harbingers” within it to be exact. Although there is not space here to delve into them, suffice it to say this about each: all nine happened in the required order, and on the ground where America was dedicated to God by the Founding Fathers. As such it appears that America has been taken back to its ground of dedication to receive its warning. Unless all of this is nothing more than a massive conspiracy of coincidences, it constitutes a strange event in our time. To put it in simple terms, the fulfillment of this warning is so unlikely that it’s occurring appears to be supernatural. Now back to the “thief” and those “labor pains.”
Perhaps some would say another conspiracy of coincidences has been occurring as well in The Israel Omen events. The thirteen events covered in my two books now appear to place the skeptic in a position of having to choose between one of two choices to explain them. One option is to claim they are, again, nothing more than a massive conspiracy of coincidences. But as their litany grows, that option becomes increasingly difficult to sustain. The other is to recognize that something strange is occurring that qualifies as supernatural and carries with it a warning from the Divine.
For those of you that have read The Israel Omen, what is found within the final chapter, titled “The Next Catastrophe” is a brazen attempt at forecasting a future catastrophe based on a political action. There is a “matrix” designed to accomplish the task. This “matrix,” referred to as the Political-Catastrophe-Matrix, looks at the ten events covered within that book and extracts what appear to be three distinct political triggers associated within them. Then, on that basis it goes on to speculate as to what kind of actions on the part of the Obama Administration (which at that time had just taken office) should coincide with a historically significant disaster. This, at the top of page 171…
The first effort [of the Obama Administration] should break new ground, probably marked by some grand gathering of the Quartet. Another “Matrix” action could be a major shift in U.S. policy against Israel…
It is one thing to study past historical disasters for political “triggers” common to calamity. But it is another thing for future events to confirm those triggers. And, in fact, both observations on page 171 were fulfilled with eerie success.
In the quote the reader was led to look for the Obama Administration to break new ground against the Promised Land. Essentially, it looked for an action that had never before been accomplished; and on April 20, 2010 that is exactly what happened. After months of pressuring Israel to suspend construction in East Jerusalem as a precondition for negotiations to begin, the Jewish State ceded to those demands, effectively reducing their control in the Holy City for the first time since 1967. However, on that same day, something else of note took place: British Petroleum’s “Deep Water Horizon” rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.
This coincidence fulfilled the 1st trigger.
The second political action indicated on page 171 led the reader to look for a major shift in U.S. policy against Israel. Indeed, on May 19, 2011 the president accommodated the “Matrix” with just that. So onerous against Israel was his new policy that a series of the president’s strongest supporters immediately came out against it, including Senate Majority leader Harry Reed. But the most significant was Obama’s Middle East point man, George Mitchell. About a week prior to the president’s big speech, Mitchell’s resignation was announced by the White House. This was strange in light of the fact that his area of diplomacy, the Middle East, had just reached the zenith of world attention. But the message from his resignation was clear, telegraphing to the diplomatic world his intense disapproval of the new harsh policy against Israel. It was a policy that would jeopardize the security of the tiny state by dramatically reducing its borders to the point of being indefensible. Although his resignation letter was announced just a week prior to the president’s May 19th speech, it was dated April 6th, a full five weeks earlier.
The only logical explanation for the delay was because efforts were being made to persuade him to withdraw it. Had his resignation been announced after the president’s speech, then from that would flow the logic that the delay was designed to not disrupt the speech. But it was announced before the president’s speech, indicating a high intensity of opposition to the new policy. And there is little doubt that its announcement could have only been at Mitchell’s insistence, demonstrating a willingness to displease his president. By releasing it before the president’s speech, a signal of disunity within the president’s foreign policy team was sent to the world, and that had to be quite disturbing to him. Mitchell’s obvious insistence on it being released before indicates the intensity of his opposition to the new policy. Because of that intensity it is reasonable to conclude his resignation letter was written quickly after he realized what the new policy was to be. This means, through logical deduction, that the new policy was settled upon some days just prior to his writing the letter. So based on the Mitchell resignation letter dated April 6, it appears the new policy shift against Israel was determined around the 3, 4 or 5th of April, 2011. Coincidentally, on April 4, 2011 the worst tornado rampage in “world history” began accompanied by the worst flooding since 1927.
It is strange, indeed. But there is more and quite recent.
In The Israel Omen II, I cover what appears to have unfolded behind the scenes within the Obama Administration pertaining to Israel. Although some have criticized it as being overly critical of the president, it is now increasingly confirmed by unfolding events. And just for the record, I was critical of the previous three presidents as well. During his first term Obama has changed U.S. policy toward Israel in the clear direction to what the Palestinian side wants. And this has been done without much regard for the security of Israel. Yes, they have received great amounts of military hardware from the U.S., but that cannot offset the loss of security that will result from the loss of lands he seeks to remove. He has pushed aside assurances from previous presidents, given to Israel to extract concessions from her, in order to enact his plan. No doubt, this has to be quite disturbing to the leadership of tiny Israel, not knowing what U.S. commitment will fall next. He has not visited Israel as president, but instead went early to Egypt, and gave an initial nod of approval to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood which eventually took over there.
It is this same Muslim Brotherhood, as noted by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post, who during the recent flare up in Gaza experienced a “stormy meeting” relating to what to do about Israel. The debate centered on whether or not to make war on Israel immediately, or wait until the Egyptian military is better prepared. After much heated debate, those in favor of more military preparation prevailed. But the cease-fire stopping that conflict was even worse.
Since it was brokered by Egypt’s President Morsi, the same one seeking Israel’s destruction, it has granted his increasingly repressive regime a form of legitimacy in the “peace” process that is completely unwarranted. And it places Israel on the same moral plane as Hamas. This is how Glick puts it.
At best, Israel and Hamas are placed on the same moral plane. The cease-fire erases the distinction between Israel, a peace-seeking liberal democracy that simply wants to defend its citizens, and Hamas, a genocidal jihadist terrorist outfit that seeks the eradication of the Jewish people and the destruction of Israel.
And even worse, as Glick notes…
Moreover, Obama and Clinton compelled Israel to accept wording in the cease-fire that arguably makes Egypt the arbiter of Israeli and Palestinian compliance with the agreement.
It is not difficult to understand that the act of placing one’s enemy over you, in any form, is a tacit alliance with them against you. In this case the enemy is one that had, until only recently, been ruled by a dictator friendly to peace with Israel. Apparently, not understanding the consequences of his actions, it was President Obama whose actions early in his administration started a train of events ultimately replacing the dictatorial American ally Mubarak, with the increasingly dictatorial Muslim Brotherhood, an enemy of Israel. Or, possibly, did he understand?
And then there is Turkey. It was Turkey, a powerful Muslim country that formed a kind of alliance with Israel for many years. Each in the relationship benefited, but Israel more, simply because Turkey is a Muslim country. Like the neutralizing of Egypt from the Camp David Peace Accords, the “alliance” with Turkey neutralized another huge Muslim country. But, even though this alliance existed for many years, it suddenly ended during the Obama Administration, with Turkey beginning to take an aggressive attitude toward the Jewish state. And yet it is boasted that of all the leaders in the world, Obama is closest to the Turkish one.
As mentioned earlier Obama placed the new condition of an Israeli construction freeze in East Jerusalem as a precondition for negotiations to start between them and the Palestinians. A moderator to a dispute adding a condition for talks between the parties is a rare thing. And although this action early in his administration was viewed, even by his supporters, as not very competent, he did it again in May 2011. With the Israeli Prime Minister coming to town to offer some new concession toward the “peace” process in a major speech, the president quickly gave his own speech the day before, cutting Netanyahu to the quick and causing him to not even give that speech nor mention its concessions. One of the president’s biggest supporters, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, complained that Obama had “hurt the peace process gravely.” Understanding these two events leaves us in the uncomfortable position of having to conclude whether the president was incompetent or willful in these acts. But regardless of which you choose, the impact of his actions had the same effect. It has forced the “peace” process to the United Nations where Israel is hopefully outnumbered.
Additionally, Obama has stayed Israel’s hand from striking the rapidly advancing nuclear program in Iran. It is a program certain to bring the world to, or, even over the nuclear brink after it comes to fruition. Essentially, after four years of Obama, it is as though a noose has been placed over the neck of the Jewish state, only requiring a little more time to tighten it.
So with Israel increasingly surrounded by deadly enemies on all sides, this unfortunate state of affairs appears to be related to the rise of President Obama to the U.S. Presidency. And this raises another question. Is he a president of fate concerning Israel? Will he be the president that finally achieves the much coveted “peace” agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? In Part Three I will look at that as well as his strange and unlikely rise to power from obscurity.

The Bulls of Basham….Israel Surrounded
(Part 3 of 3)

The Strange “Luck” of Barack Obama
Since the reelection of Barack Obama, numerous reporters, including syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, have acknowledged what many others are beginning to realize: Barack Obama is the luckiest politician alive. Consider his rise to the presidency.
Race for the U.S. Senate
We see it every election cycle. The Democrats offer a well funded candidate for an open U.S. Senate seat and the Republicans do the same. Then, in addition to the two main contenders seeking the prestigious office, there usually appear a number of minor candidates whose combined vote will represent a small percent of the overall cast. Those minor candidates have little or no money and even less name recognition. The pattern is so consistent that it’s hardly even noticed any longer. However, an unusual exception to this happened in the 2004 U. S. Senate race in Illinois. In this case the exception occurred when a State Senator by the name of Barack Obama, severely underfunded and unknown, became a candidate for that office.
When he entered the race, the Democrats already had a strong, well funded, and well known candidate running in their primary by the name of Blair Hull. And as such they were fairly well united behind him. So, essentially, Hull would have to get past the unknown and grossly underfunded Barack Obama to be the party’s standard bearer in the general election. As is typical in such contests, it would take a miracle for Obama to win the primary against him. If somehow he did win, then he would need good fortune to smile on him again in the general election against the well funded and also well known Republican, Jack Ryan. Amazingly, he would get both of those miracles. This according to the New Republic:
Did not Clarence Page’s own Chicago Tribune and local Chicago newsman Chuck Goudie give unusually heavy coverage of the divorce records of Democrat Blair Hull and Republican Jack Ryan to the benefit of previously invisible, underfunded, candidate with the slenderest of legislative records, named Barack Obama? Was it accidental or a coincidence that the two opponents with the financial resources to bury Mr. Obama in the primary or general elections were relentlessly hammered on “scandals” by the Trib while the same paper ran multipage “puff” pieces on Saint Obama?
Eventually, both strong candidates withdrew under the pressure from what increasingly appeared to be a created scandal, and Obama went on to win the Senate seat. Now, here is a challenge. Try to find another example of such good political fortune. Good luck, it won’t be easy.
The Keynote Speaker
There is a great political benefit derived from being named the keynote speaker for a national political convention. It provides nationwide exposure as well as a platform for those harboring national ambitions. As such it is coveted by many of the most powerful politicians in the nation. In 1984 the well established New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, received the call. He was a major rising star in the Democratic Party. In 1988 it went to Texas Governor Ann Richards, another big name democrat. In 1992 it was Georgia firebrand, and Governor Zell Miller. He was a big southern name at the time Bill Clinton was seeking to consolidate the south. In 1996 it went to the popular governor of Indiana, Evan Bayh. He had established his credentials within the party and was a potential candidate for the presidency in 2000. In the year 2000 the party’s nominee, Al Gore, handpicked his fellow Tennessean, U.S. Representative Harold Ford to deliver it. However, in the 2004 Democratic convention, the keynote speaker was a state senator from Illinois whose distinction was that he was a candidate for the U.S. Senate. His name was Barack Obama. How odd, but, certainly, beneficial to him. Essentially, this man, who was a political nothing, was chosen to deliver the prime time address to the nation. And so beneficial did it prove to his relatively new political career, that he was able to begin running for president just two years later. So, let’s understand this. After only two years since he had been a state senator with the “slenderest of legislative records,” he became a major candidate for the U.S. presidency.
Run For the Presidency
Then, after instantly rising as a major candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2008, he somehow managed to defeat heavily favored Hillary Clinton and the legendary Clinton national political machine. But in the general election, it began to be a different story. After the choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President by the Republican candidate, John McCain, national polls about seven weeks out showed McCain with a slight lead over the unknown Obama. One of the reasons appeared to be the electorate’s discomfort with how little they knew about him, not long out of being an obscure state legislator. After all, the media appeared incredibly uninterested in his past, and like in his Illinois senate race, every media report about him appeared to be a “puff” piece.
Down in the polls, his amazing streak of good fortune appeared to have finally met its match. He had won a U.S. Senate seat under the most unlikely of circumstances. He had been the unlikely choice for keynote speaker four years earlier, propelling the then state senator to national attention. His fawning media allies helped him overcome the Clinton political machine. But now things began to get a little dicey. That is, until fate appeared again by his side.
The Global Financial Meltdown
About seven weeks before the election, an event that had not happened since 1929 began unfolding. Financial institutions that were the bedrock of the American banking system began to collapse in rapid succession, with the Bush Administration taking the brunt of the blame. What precipitated the suddenness of it was unusual. The Bush Administration had been bailing out multiple financial institutions over the course of the previous year to keep the nation’s system from cascading into a total meltdown. But then, and completely out of line with their previous approach, they refused to bail out the investment giant Lehman Brothers. This sudden shift in approach took place only six weeks before the 2008 presidential election.
The reason Bush Administration officials had been dedicated to bailing out those reckless institutions was because the whole system had become so interconnected, creating the potential of giant financial dominos toppling one after the other. But for some strange reason they chose not to bail out Lehman Brothers, and the results were two fold and immediate. First, those feared financial dominos did begin coming down, precipitating the worst crisis since the Great Depression, causing panic among an electorate that was preparing to elect a new president. Secondly, that fear ensured the election of unknown Barack Obama to the presidency. From the moment the crisis broke, the electorate appeared to no longer care about how little they knew about him, preferring “change” without much thought given to its direction. Thereafter, he pulled ahead of McCain never to look back.
The 2012 Election
One must realize that in the 2012 presidential election, three separate and unpredictable events unfolded with two being storms and one a computer system called Project Orca. For starters, let’s look at the storms. Conventions are designed to be a grand send off for their presidential candidates. They are designed to showcase individuals and ideas with an eye on the future. And the 2012 convention cycle was no different. Except this time an unpredictable event occurred that placed the Republicans at a distinct disadvantage. As the Republican Convention was being held in Tampa, Hurricane Isaac took aim for the city. The timing caused one of its four precious days of intense national exposure to be lost. Additionally, its keynote speaker, the Hispanic Florida Senator Marco Rubio, was moved from prime time. This was a significant blow because he was aiming to secure the Hispanic vote for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.
However, in spite of the shaky sendoff, the Republican candidate began to catch up with the president on the shoulders of a debate performance that served as a catapult for his campaign. And as the race entered the final week, the most reliable polls indicated Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama in a very tight race. Then, incredibly, fate appeared to inject itself again. A new storm, the like of which caused it to be referred to as another “Perfect Storm,” suddenly struck the northeast coast-Hurricane Sandy. What it did was freeze the clear momentum of Mr. Romney dead in its tracks, allowing the president to regain his campaign footing and stop his political bleeding. This from New York Times polling guru Nate Silver just before the votes were counted…
“If President Obama wins re-election on Tuesday, the historical memory of the race might turn on the role played by Hurricane Sandy.
“Already, some analysts are describing the storm as an “October surprise” that allowed Mr. Obama to regain his footing after stumbling badly in the first presidential debate and struggling to get back on course. Some Republicans seem prepared to blame a potential defeat for Mitt Romney on the storm, and the embrace of Mr. Obama by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and other public officials.”
But as helpful as the oddball storm was, fate wasn’t finished yet. With the race still close, the winner would now be decided by which campaign did the best job of getting out their vote.
The Romney campaign had invested over $40 million in a computer system designed to do exactly that. On the day of the election, there were over 30,000 volunteers ready to reap the benefits of voters identified as favorable to their candidate in the previous months. Millions of those voter’s phone numbers were stored within this vast computer system which was called Project Orca. Then fate injected itself again. In an article after the election titled, “Insiders Explain How Mitt Romney’s Campaign Completely Fell Apart On Election Day,” Business Insider looked at Project Orca’s complete collapse. Project Orca experienced a major failure on the day of the election. As a result the 30,000+ volunteers, ready to call millions of Romney voters, were unable to reach the multitudes. As a result, some percentage of the Romney vote did not turn out. With the combination of well timed storms along with the collapse of Project Orca, the incredible luck of Barack Obama secured him reelection.
What does it all mean when a no-name politician is suddenly thrust into the leadership of the world’s only super power through a series of the most unlikely, even supernatural breaks going his way over the course of years? Perhaps it means nothing, if there is no peculiar thrust to his presidency. But that is where his uncanny rise to power appears to intersect with his foreign policy. And his foreign policy appears to intersect with the events catalogued within The Israel Omen. First, his presidency does, in fact, have a peculiar, even strident thrust relating to something: Israel. In fact, that thrust has altered the viability of Israel to its core by replacing a friendly dictator in Egypt that kept 40 years of peace with Israel with one steadfastly dedicated to the complete destruction of the Jewish state: the Muslim Brotherhood. It is important to note that this could not have happened without Barack Obama. It was he that signaled early in his administration a form of support for the outlawed group within Egypt. But it is not only Egypt where his actions produced sharp pains for Israel. His friendly policy toward the Muslim Brotherhood has undermined the nation of Jordan, also at peace with Israel, now threatened by a branch of Jihadists associated with the Brotherhood. As of this writing it is becoming increasingly clear that the ranks of the Syrian rebels, fighting against the terrible Assad, are dominated by, you guessed it, Jihadists. If they win their battle to topple that dictator, their new government will soon begin aiming for the destruction of Israel as well. Obama supports them. This dramatic shift within these three nations, all on Israel’s borders, effectively would reconstitute the old alliance against her-the one that sought to “drive her into the sea” many years ago. And all of it rests squarely at the door step of Barack Obama. Without him in the White House, none of this would be unfolding. It was his administration, from its inception, that encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood, something no other president would have imagined doing. It was that action that ultimately spawned the entire dark litany mentioned. But there is more.
The case that he has willfully spiked negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians is solidly supported by his actions, of which even his strongest friends have been quite dismayed. But here too we see a peculiar thrust to his actions; it has driven the issue of conflict between the parties to the United Nations, where Israel is hopefully outnumbered. It is the same United Nations that very recently approved an upgrade in the Palestinian status. That too would have been stopped by any other president. And by directing the “peace” process toward the United Nations, these actions appear to constitute an omen, of sorts, of the direction his actions against Israel will take in his second term. It is becoming increasingly apparent that all of this is setting the stage where the United Nations will be empowered to force some kind of “peace” agreement on Israel. And that brings us to The Israel Omen events.
Within both books the thirteen historically significant disasters appear to have three common denominators associated with them: peace, destruction, and suddenness. As discussed in The Israel Omen II, this recurring theme relating to all of those strange events spell out the Biblical warning of “peace…then sudden destruction.” And if they constitute a Divine warning to those that “watch and [are] sober,” they will only be noticed by those watching. If such historically significant disasters represent a warning, then the culmination of them will have to be a magnitude greater. If that is the case, then these warnings, combined with the Middle East foreign policy of Barack Obama, appear to intersect and represent an ill omen indeed, raising the following question: Is he the one who will bring The Israel Omen warnings to their conclusion with a “peace” agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? It is a good time to “watch and be sober.”
David Brennan

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3 responses to “The Bulls of Basham…Israel Surrounded Parts 1-3”

  1. For the last four or five years I have maintained the Lord is once again enforcing His statement in the second chapter of Daniel .. verse 21 .”And He changes the the times and the seasons .. He removes kings and RAISES UP KINGS .. He gives wisdom to the wise .. and knowledge to those who have understanding .. (22) .. He reveals deep and secret things .. He knows what is in the darkness .. and the light dwells with Him ..!!

    The Scripture tells us that Israel will stand alone at THAT time .. and for that to occur .. America .. Israel’s only supporter .. must be removed in one fashion or another .. from that support .. and clearly God is using America’s first love (money – and the lack of it) to do just that ..!! In spite of the recent political times .. there is still a strong faction within America who supports Israel .. I suspect further decline of this nation is in order to accomplish God’s purpose .. and at the rate this nation has declined .. the scenario of America being removed and the completion of God’s plan for Israel is very close at hand ..!! As the Scripture tells us He has blinded the nation of Israel .. He too .. has blinded America .. and this nation has not a clue of what is happening right in its own back yard ..!!

  2. I have just finished reading The Israel Omen and have begun reading The Israel Omen II. I actually have been reading the chapters of the second book out of order. I was intrigued by the mention of the 1962 showdown between the United States and Russia. At the time, I was in a Catholic high school. I remember the lines to the confessional that almost completely encircled the school. We were all terrified and did not think we would see the end of the day, much less our parents. Lately, even before I began reading The Israel Omen, I had been thinking back to that day in 1962, and I can see that we are heading in the same direction. There is a lot more I could share, but suffice it to say, all of these warnings are definitely ramping up to some kind of cataclysmic event (or events). The superpower status of the United States is soon to end as the reign of Belshazzar is definitely over. May God have mercy on all of us!

  3. If a peace deal is finally achieved between Israel and the Palestinians, the great cataclysmic event that could take place, in my opinion, will not be climate related or a war, but the Rapture of the Church. This incredible worldwide event will suddenly plunge the entire planet in a dramatic, economical and social nightmare that no war could match.

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