One response to “The Obama Administration’s Policies on Israel”

  1. This is a comment/question for both Gary and David Brennan. I have read both books–Israel Omen I & II. Thank you for such a complete work and research. I am speechless and shocked and saddened. How is it possible for President Obama to make policy on Israel ’s covenant land, without seeking consensus from “we the people” or daring to tell Israel what to do? How arrogant, how presumptuous … How ignorant of our historical and spiritual relationship with Israel and our Christian heritage. It almost sounds as if the president has been put in this role to carry out this ignominious plan…but by whom? The Muslim Brotherhood? It begs the question…what is his relationship with them? How far back does his involvement with them go? who paid for both his presidential campaigns? Who are his advisers and where does our Congress stand on these issues and why does the president have this much authority in an international negotiating situation.

    More than anything I am saddened that I have missed this whole drama unfolding in front of my eyes in these last years. My own fault for not paying enough attention . Moreover, we the Church in America have such a low degree of influence on our representatives in Washington. Our fault as well for not communicating more with them and electing people who don’t represent us. Yet, I know that God sits on the throne and that He will use all of this for his purpose and glory . Jesus Christ is Lord. God have mercy on us.

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